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"Anne Fitzgibbon brings an edgy dynamism along with work that inspires. As the founder of the Harmony program in New York City, she is undoubtedly making the world a better place, but she is also willing to share the hard-won practical experience of being a non-profit entrepreneur – the envisioning, the fundraising, the organizing, the staffing, and oh, did I say fundraising? As an outside expert visitor, Anne lit a fire under our arts-in-education class at Juilliard.” 


- Thomas Cabaniss, Faculty member, The Juilliard School

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I work with individuals as well as organizations, from students and recent graduates to seasoned professionals, including entrepreneurs, managers, educators, and musicians.



Musical Entrepreneurship

I have a passion for guiding others through the critical stages of entrepreneurship, from concept to creation.As Founder and Executive Director of a New York City-based nonprofit organization, I have firsthand experience realizing a vision for community change through music. I work with entrepreneurs by exploring their ideas, assessing feasibility, identifying desired outcomes, drafting mission and vision statements, building budgets, and designing sustainable project plans. 

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Career Development

As the musical landscape evolves, I believe musicians must be more nimble and creative in their career considerations.  I work with individuals as well as groups of students, recent graduates, and mid-career professionals and help them think broadly about their musical training, identify and position themselves for opportunities, hone the  skills they need to achieve their goals, and communicate effectively with prospective employers.

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My experience has filled me with enthusiasm for the evolution of organizations and ideas and with compassion for the challenges that are an inevitable but manageable part of that dynamic process. ​​

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